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The Marketing Conclave has been the flagship event of the Marketing Club. It started off in the year 2007 with the theme based on "Integrated Marketing Campaigns". We followed that up with successful conclaves on "Luxury Marketing" in 2008, "Evolving Consumer Trends" in 2009, "Experiential Marketing" in 2010, “Inclusive Marketing” in 2011, Digital Marketing in 2012 and “Green Marketing” in 2013. In 2015, The Marketing Club will host the 8th Annual Marketing Conclave on “Sports & Entertainment Marketing” on the 9th & 10th January, 2015.

During the Conclave, our core event is the Symposium wherein speakers from various sectors of the industry come and share their insights on the relevant theme. Some of the speakers whom we have had the opportunity to interact with include:

Day 1- Sports Marketing

Day 2-Entertainment Marketing

The various events to be held by the Marketing Club as a part of the Conclave are:

Order of Merlin – Live Business Plan Case Study Competition: It demands for participants to analyse risks and propose business strategy for a diamond company to diversify into the software sector. The winners of this case study will bag a cash prize of more than INR 1,00,000. There’s more! - The winning team is also poised to earn PPIs.

Shine your Stars - (Held over 2 rounds, the 1st off-campus & the 2nd on campus) A rigorous competition that would thoroughly test the limits of one’s persuasive skills interlaced with one’s love for celebrities. Participants may choose up to three celebrities and justify who would best befit the chosen sector from the list: Pharmaceutical, Telecom, e-commerce, Banking, FMCG and Automobile. A thrilling on-campus final awaits those who clear the qualifier round. Prizes worth INR 50,000 are in store for the winners.

Gift of Gab - A panel discussion that allows participants to define and defend their viewpoints under a series of different scenarios. Winners will be awarded prizes worth INR 15,000.

Reflex Reactions - An array of informal events ranging over the span of 3 weeks preceding the 8th Annual Marketing Conclave. As the name suggests, the games require the audience to reply on the fly. Prizes worth INR 15,000 are up for grabs.

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Marketing Club is the flag bearer of marketing related events and activities in the institute. It takes great pride in organizing ‘Marketing Conclave’, its flagship event, which acts as a platform for students to interact with the top brass of India Inc. The Conclave also receives participation from prominent B-schools of the country for its student competitions. The club holds innovative events throughout the year to test students’ marketing acumen. It is an ever-evolving committee with regular introduction of new initiatives like “Cinemarki”, to look at the pictures or dialogues of movies’ screenshots through the eyes of a marketer and advertise a product by associating that scene or the lyrics/dialogue with the product.

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